Friday, September 23, 2011

What it's all about -- I don't even know

I just want to say first off that this Hello Kitty for Halloween is the cutest ever!! It's at build-a-bear right now and it's super adorable. I'd love to have one but I'm not spending $23 on a stuffed animal. I know... <---Frugal---> lol.

Anyway, I really just wanted to write and vent. I'm basically tired of flaker friends. I'm sure you all have one of those friends that makes plans with you and then decides to make plans with other people without telling you. Yup. Or the friend you invite over almost every week and they are too busy at home watching a movie. Really? A movie? Hit pause or something and finish it later. Isn't friend time more important than watching some movie at your house? I don't know but it irritates me. Does it irritate anyone else?

Plus what I've been noticing a lot is that all of my friends are going out to bars. Every day I see "I'm going out to drink!" "hit me up, I'll be at the bar!". Is it really that much fun to go spend $100's of dollars at a bar? to get hit on by ugly, drunk guys? I just don't see the awesomeness in going out to bars. I went to a bar months ago with two friends that were (at the time) talking to each other. It was horrible. I was the third wheel when I didn't even want to go and the drinks were expensive -- I was broke so I couldn't buy any drinks if I wanted to. Plus I don't see the purpose of getting drunk. It's stupid. Along with smoking. My mom smokes but I just see it as a waste of money. Money you could save for a big trip somewhere or on other things. I don't know. 

Does anyone feel the same?

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