Monday, September 26, 2011

Possibly saying goodbye

Sadly, I think I've decided to just delete this blog. I'm kind of over doing makeup reviews and such when I'm really just not as excited about makeup items as I once was and don't have money to spend on makeup items. In other words, I wasn't doing something super exciting to get everyone's attention and feedback. 

I think if anything I will just start a new blog of just everyday life stuff. It would be a blog about photos (which I'm into photography), my cat, makeup here and there and reviews on what I like and just stuff I'm interested in at the moment. I feel that having a blog dedicated to just makeup, really isn't my personality. I'm not a die hard makeup fanatic and can't see spending $100 on makeup that I won't even use. I'm more of one of those girls that only buys something if I really need it. I guess you can say I'm really thrifty with my money lol.

Anyway, I'll make the decision in awhile. I'm still thinking of having a giveaway though. I've been meaning on having one just haven't gotten around to it.

I'll keep you all posted.




  1. Do posts that make you happy! That is my thoughts. You may not be as into makeup but stuff like photography is just as fun =) Hope I continue to see you on here!

  2. I agree, you need to do what makes you happy. You need to post about what makes you happy and I would like to see photography shots and cat pictures! I am a huge cat lover, so I would love to see those kind of posts from you. I am sure you will make the best decision that is right or you x

  3. Thanks Ladies!! I think if anything I'll just revamp this blog and change the title to something else and that way I still keep you all on here =) Thanks for understanding. I just need a change. I love reading everyone else's posts about makeup and products but it's just not for me. Especially when I don't have extra money to spend on new, cool, pretty things :).

  4. I like blogging about food! like if you make yourself a good dinner do posts about that! or just anything really!

  5. Mmm that sounds like a good idea =) People might think I'm a fatty if I post about a bunch of food lol. I'll give it a whirl. I'll probably do a lot of photo posts and just random post =)