Friday, September 16, 2011

Need to Start Blogging Again

I know I've been slacking a lot on blogging lately. I feel like my life is kind of like a roller coaster..Some days are good and some days are crap. Right now I've had more crap days than good ones.

Today in particular was crap. I got to work and decided to look over my time cards and see if my hours were correct. Well when I finished, I noticed I was shorted 12 minutes. I know you're thinking that's not enough to bother with but to me every bit counts because I commute over an hour to work and back Mon-Fri. Anyway, I decided to tell my coworker who does the payroll that she shorted me 12 minutes. Well she goes over the entire cards and tells me I'm wrong and then yells at me for getting into her desk to get my time card out. This is the same person that messed up on my time card a month ago and shorted me almost 4 hours. >.< So needless to say, I was extremely pissed off today. Not only that but when my boss got in, my coworker went in her office and slammed the door to probably talk to my boss about me. I really really need to find a new job because not only is she messing up on my hours but I am the one who does a ton of work and I only get $10 an hour. My coworkers all make 11-13.50 an hour. My coworker that does payroll gets $13.50 an hour. Ugh. I was so mad today that I decided to take a long lunch with the warehouse guys just to get out of the office.

Now it's time for me to look for a second job. I mean, I want to keep my job that I have now but if I can find something better....I'm leaving. It would be really interesting to know what my boss thinks of that since she's always telling me I can never quit. lol.

I guess really other than that I have just been depressed about my weight. I use to be smaller in 2005 and now I just can't stand myself. I hate it. I want to workout but I'm weird about that. I want someone to do it with me and it seems like all of my friends are going to a gym and what not and I just don't have money to afford being able to go all the time. Plus it seems like everyone is in gym mode. There's not one day that passes that someone isn't posting on facebook that they are at a gym. I'm kinda jealous because they all can do it. One of my friends lost about 65 pounds in 7 months or so and I'm shocked. I wish I could do that. I'm going to try but I guess I need to get into eating healthier and just go from there. The good thing is that my boyfriend is putting my road bike together so I'll be able to ride that around after work and what not.

Moving on..I did get to have some fun recently. My friends from Corpus came up to visit and well her husband had a meeting so we got to hangout for a day. Yay! Here are a couple of pictures I took of her cute little boy.

Ain't he a cutie pie!! I <3 this little boy. He was such a blast to be around. I took a lot more pictures than these three but I'm only going to share three for now.

I am still deciding on what I want to put in my giveaway so bare with me. It shouldn't be longer than a few more weeks to decide. I just want to make sure it's an awesome giveaway.

I hope you all are doing well!! 

XoXo Katie

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