Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Head Over Heels - New Addiction

Now, I want to say first off that I've never really been the type of girl for heels. I've got big feet (unfortunately) and I don't like how I look. Basically I can't picture myself ever wearing heels but yet I see all of my friends wearing super cute heels. What can I say....I'm jealous.

For some reason, I'm totally into heels now. I think I started liking heels after I saw a pair my cousin was wearing that are zebra print! Omg they are super cute. The picture below is pretty much how they look. I'm not exactly sure where she got them.

It's tough to say but I'm totally in love with high heels now!! The thing that sucks though is that even if I bought a pair of heels right now, I don't have any cute clothes to wear them with. Plus! I'd have to learn how to walk in them. lol. 

Question: What do you ladies wear when it comes to wearing heels?

This pair of heels I absolutely fell in love with. They are on Shoedazzle.com. You sign up and take a little survey and they show you shoes that match your type. However, you can browse around. This pair is $39.95. If you're making your first purchase from the site, you get an additional $7.99 off! Plus it ships for FREE and takes 5-10 business days or pay $2.99 to ship 4-7 business days. This heel is the Rinnah and the thing I love about the site is that this heel actually comes in my size!! Yay!

If you haven't already, go check the site out. It's pretty spiffy!


  1. Funny, I've been exploring this website tonight! Not ready to take the plunge though, I'm way too afraid I'll pick the wrong size!

  2. Yeah..If I got my size they'll either fit or be too big. I don't know. I might just go in a store and try some on (if they have my size).