Friday, September 30, 2011

I'm Hooked ^_^

Since I'm not really into doing a makeup blog anymore I've decided that one of the other things I'm passionate about other than photography, my cat and my cars is couponing. I'm not an "extreme couponer" in any way, shape or form but I do LOVE getting items for really cheap or FREE.

Tonight I needed to go to Target and get some dog treats for an event I'm helping host tomorrow afternoon at a dog park. The event is called "Car meet gone to the dogs". Basically we are having a car meet at a dog park to raise donations for local shelters and fire victims [Texas has had some pretty crazy fires up north of me].  So far we've managed to get Red Bull to sponsor us and my friend, who grooms animals, will have her mobile unit out there to do nails and such. We have about 50 people that are coming which is AWESOME because I thought we'd maybe have 20 at the most.

So yeah, haha back on track here. I went to Target because I had a manufacturers coupon for $1.50/2 Milk Bone treats and a target coupon for $1.50/2 Milk Bone Treats. They retail for 2.89ea. I also had a target coupon for a free Whisker Lickins Cat Treat and a manufacturer's coupon for a free Lipton iced tea. So after using all of my coupons I ended up spending only $3.01 w/tax on 4 items =)

Since Petsmart is right next door, I ran over there because I had a manufacturers coupon for a free bag of Crave Cat Treats. Well I had heard that Petsmart had a manufacturers coupon for a free bag of Crave cat treats when you bought a bag. Score! So I ended up getting two bags for free!! [My cat is a happy camper]

Total spent on 6 items: $3.01
What I would have spent w/o coupons: $11.19 [ouch!!!!]

Do you use coupons??


  1. haha I have recently began clipping coupons and I love it when I score a great deal too! Good job!

  2. HaHa Thanks :) Yeah I love it!