Thursday, July 28, 2011

Tag: Me In Threes

Hi Dolls! I stole this tag from Jenny over @ The Skinnies. Her blog is super cute!

Three names I go by:
1. Katie
2. Sis
3. Ms. Ej1 (even though I no longer have an ej1)

Three jobs I have had:
1. Bagger @ Savemart Supermarkets (in Cali)
2. Cashier @ Victoria's Secret
3. Receptionist @ Smart Living Companies

Three places I have lived:
1. Ceres, CA
2. Turlock, CA
3. Houston, TX

Three favourite drinks:
1. Mountain Dew (Regular)
2. Passion Fruit Iced Tea (starbucks)
3. Rootbeer

Three TV shows I watch:
1. Teen Mom
2. True Blood
3.  Secret Life of the American Teenager

Three places I have been:
1. Sandusky, OH
2. Joplin, MO
3. Phoenix, AZ

Three places I would like to visit:
1. Dublin, Ireland
2. Sydney, Australia
3. Tokyo, Japan

Three people who text me regularly:
1. Blake (boyfriend)
2. Emily (best friend)
3. Ryan (friend)

Three favourite old TV shows:
1. Rocko's Modern Life
2.Ren and Stimpy
3. The Magic School Bus

Three favourite dishes:
1. Crunch Roll (Sushi)
2. Steak Kabob w/veggies
3. Corn dogs :)

Three makeup products I cannot live without:
1. Eyeshadow
2. Mascara
3. Nail Polish

Three things I'm looking forward to:
1. Cali trip
2. Finishing up work on my civic
3. Getting my nasty front tooth fixed!


  1. Hi there, its so fun to read tags! :) The hello kitty "tag" is soo cool haha!! I get everything except for miss ej1, what does that mean? ^_^

  2. haha sorry..ej1 is a 1995 Honda Civic coupe EX :)

  3. hey missy! thanks for following my blog and the lovely comment! i wrote this tag so long ago!! i bet if i did this tag again my answers would be somewhat different! i'm glad you decided to do the tag!

    i have a canon T1i! haven't tried using a nikon yet. but i bought my canon just recently, used, for $450!

  4. Wow! $450 is a great deal. Yeah I'm having a tough time deciding still lol. I was going to go with a t2i and then my friend let me borrow his Nikon d3100 and I loved it. I told the bf that I might just buy one of each and then I don't have to decide lol