Wednesday, June 6, 2012

New Adventures and Such...

Time to get back into the swing of things [blogging that is!]. It's been so long that I've actually been constant with blogging that it's rather sad. I'll try my best to get on here every few days and update you all.

There are definitely going to be some big changes happening soon in my life. I'll keep you all updated on that when the time comes.

As for now, I've really been into bike riding and even though I haven't really ridden all that much [due to work] I'm still really into it and want to make it a fun hobby or well, you know activity. I've been waiting months upon months for my bike to finally be finished and now it is! Blake [boyfriend] finished it about two weeks ago and I'm totally in love with my bike. Wait, can you be in love with a bike? Wow that sounds weird. Okay..I really like my bike, it fits me well.


I love my bike!!!! It's such a joy to ride it. It's been years that I've ridden a bike and it feels great to be back on one! Do any of you ride?

The first day I rode, I ended up riding almost 4 miles. That was just around the apartment complex. It wore me out! I'm so out of shape. It was great getting back into it because I've missed it and it'll be nice getting into shape again. About three nights ago the boyfriend, his mom and I went out riding and we didn't ride as far as I would have liked but we did get in 3 miles. I could have went further but his mom was tired and his headset on his bike was loose. 

My goal is to try to get on my bike every night and ride up to 5 miles. I know 5 miles isn't really anything toward getting back into shape but I've gotta take baby steps. I want to start with 5 miles and then work up to 10 miles a night and then later on do more.

I've also been following Katie's Blog [ Same name as me :) ]. She bike rides, runs and is just leading a healthy lifestyle and I have become more motivated thanks to stumbling upon her blog. She gives great advice on what foods to eat and about her journey to lose weight. If you feel like following her go for it! She's awesome!

As I conclude this entry, I hope you all are having a fantastic day! Remember to stay positive and strive to accomplish your goals! I'll be back tomorrow to post more on my progress through creating a healthy lifestyle...slowly but surely!

Xoxo Katieeeeee

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