Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Finally Hit My Goal!

I made it to 10.93 miles!!! As many of you know, as stated in my last post, my goal was to eventually hit 10 miles. Well, I finally did it. On June 7, at 7:07pm, I rode 10.93 miles. My average speed was 8.66 mph. I ended up burning 418 calories and completing my ride in an hour and 15 minutes. Not too shabby!

Of course the next night I didn't do as well. Let's just say.. I know why bikers were the spandex shorts with the padding on the butt. Yes, my butt was sore and so were my legs. That's why my next days ride was only 2.93 miles.

After having not ridden in a few days from recovery, I decided to get back out there and try to get my miles up again. I managed to get a nice little 5 mile ride in with the boyfriend. This time we ventured out of the apartment complex and rode down the street and on a little path.

Luckily it wasn't super hot out. It was quite enjoyable. We only rode for 33 minutes because my feet like to go numb when I'm riding but really I think it's because I've been wearing vans to ride in and those are not good for riding bikes or working out in period! So never ever workout in vans! They have no support. I'm actually looking into getting a pair of workout shoes for riding in and walking. Not only for working out really but also to use when I go on my Las Vegas trip. I'll be there walking around for 4 days!! Must have comfortable shoes!!! haha

Anyway, tonight I plan on doing at least a 5 mile ride. I might venture out of the apartment complex tonight and ride around the neighborhood. Who knows. Does anyone else ride? I'd love to hear about your bike and your experiences. Do share below in a comment!!

I have really white legs and that's always been my problem with working out and especially when I go to wear shorts. I hate it but my legs never tan. Oh well.

Action Shot!!

Just my "I'm riding and this is my riding face" picture. I like to listen to music while I ride because it makes the time go by faster and gets my mind off of watching the clock.

All finished with my ride!!! I hope you all are doing well and enjoy my posts [ only because I never hear from anyone..just want to make sure you all are alive out there ]. 

It's 4:31pm here and it's almost time for me to be off work and heading home to ride. Toodles!!

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