Friday, December 2, 2011

The Joy Of Wrapping Presents

I have ALWAYS love wrapping presents...Yes, I'm not as good as my mom but I still wrap really well. Today at work, since I'm here till 7pm, I figured I would wrap my mom's presents that have been sitting in my desk for a few days. We have three, big rolls of wrapping paper here at work because we do wrap gifts when customers ask for it. ---I'm the one doing all the wrapping--- Anyway, one is a really pretty red/gold polka dot paper, the other is green lined paper and the other is a really pretty gold/red/cream scroll type paper.

 [Hopefully my mom doesn't follow my blog all that close cause I'd rather her not see this..tee hee]

Here are the two gifts I wrapped for her. I'm waiting on my dad's gift to get here so I can wrap his and throw in a few other goodies and get this box shipped. My family is in California, so when it comes time for me to get Christmas ready I actually have to hurry and mail everything out ahead of time..Just to make it before the dead line.

Big Bow Time!!!! I <3 big bows!!

I like to include my baby girl (Sissy-Cat) on the packages because she's really like my kid and my mom looks at her as a grandkid pretty much. (don't judge! :P )

All done!!!

I hope my mom and dad enjoy opening their presents this year, even though I was not fortunate enough to get them a lot of gifts, I'm sure they'll love these regardless.

Anyone finish their Christmas shopping yet?
I've bought my mom's gift, dad's, bf's mom, bf's step mom and still have bf's dad, bf's stepdad, Sissy and my bf to buy for. So not too much more for me but still kind of a lot. lol.


  1. I have only bought gifts for my parents and a friend so far, a lot of shopping is still ahead of me :)

  2. You'll get it all finished! We still have 2.5 weeks left :) How many more people do you have to buy for?