Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Hello Kitty & Birthday Plans

I have to, have to....HAVE TO share with you all what I got from my mom as a late Christmas gift!

Are you ready?

Ya sure?


What do you think!? Not sure what it is?

How about now???

It's a Hello Kitty crocheted beanie!! I love it! However, I'm not sure how often I will be wearing this out in public haha. Sorry mom! I have been wearing it around the house the past two days..hehe.

I had to put it on my little Christmas tree just so you all could see the cute tassels (I guess that's what I would call them)

Eek..My face is big! I'd probably wear this out if my face was slimmer and well..yeah. lol. I do love the beanie though. The girl that made it has a blog and actually makes sock monkey beanies and other cute beanies! here's her page : Love, Laugh, Sew . Her beanies are really cute and she'll sell them to you, or make you your own, if you ask! That's how my mom was able to get me this one.

I laugh because all of my friends think my mom is Martha Stewart because she cooks great and sews and pretty much does everything amazing! Well, she can't crochet..I, however, picked that skill up. I just need to perfect it cause right now all I can make is a really crappy scarf LOL.


Is my 25th Birthday!!!!

My plans tomorrow are to sleep in cause I have a 5 day weekend. Yay me!! Then at 8pm I will be heading out to BJ's Restaurant with about 10+ friends to celebrate!! I can't wait. I hope the boyfriend will be there but he keeps telling me he "has plans". Riiiight..I don't really believe him but we'll see. I'm still deciding on how I want to do my makeup and how I want my hair to look for tomorrow night. Let alone what I'm going to wear! Eeeek. *Runs out the door to go shopping*. Yeah, I'm sure I'll find something.


My future mother in law (Boyfriends mom) made me these cupcakes for my birthday!! Haha she knows I love hello kitty!! I can't wait to open my gifts and see my friends!

Night Night everyone!! This birthday girl has got to get some beauty sleep!!


  1. haha the hat is cute. Happy 25th Birthday! I turn 25 this year too and IDK if i'm looking forward to it at all lol

  2. Thank you!! When's your birthday??

  3. the hat is adorable! You should totally wear it out it look so cute on you! Happy 25th!

  4. Happy Birthday! I'm so glad you love your hat! It does look so cute on you :) I made myself an owl hat and sometimes wonder if I'm too old for it but they are so cute and fun and I notice they make people smile so go ahead and flaunt it!

  5. @Miranda- Thanks!!! I know but I feel like my head is too big LOL

    @Delilah- Thanks so much for making that hat for my mom to send me :) I <3 it..I might just have to flaunt it in public. I actually decided that I'm going to have all of my friends wear it and take a picture and then I'm going to post the pictures on my blog :)