Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Doesn't Seem To Be My Kind Of Month -_-

Seems like I can't catch some slack this month. Let me fill you all in. So Texas Human Health Commissions (whatever) says that I owe them $220 for Food stamps when the bf and I were on it. Yes, we went through a rough time and had to do what we could to get by. Well they want me to pay that to them because the last month that we had it, my bf got unemployment. They had told us we could use both but obviously not! So now they sent it to collections -_-. 

On top of that, yesterday we were driving home and ok, I messed up. I went from a turn lane....straight..Our HOV lane is right after this left lane only. So instead of fighting to get in the other lane and then back over, I just went straight..And so did about 4 people in front of me. Well, cop pulled me over and told me "I saw some people do the same thing in front of you but I chose to pull you over". I was like wtf really?! I'm pretty sure it's cause I drive a civic. So now I have to go to court next month to fight or pay this ticket. Ugh! This has been my 3rd ticket while living here 3 years!! I want to go back to a small town instead of a city -_-.

Okay, this one isn't as bad as the first two but still drives me nuts. Sissy, my cat, decided she was going to go psycho the other day. The previous night the bf and I took her in the car with us to meet up with a friend. Well when we got home, she started meowing up a storm and would not stop!! She meowed all night!! I hardly got any sleep. While we were at work that day, she managed to destroy the blinds in the dining room and pull up little pieces of carpet right in front of the door. Not only that, but I found out she was chewing on the side molding next to the door in the bathroom when I had locked her in there (as time out). I got home yesterday and see all of this and well, I was pissed about the ticket. I ended up locking her in the bathroom for an hour. After I let her out, she was the perfect little angel. She didn't meow at all last night and didn't scratch at the door or anything. Now I just have to replace the blinds in the dining room. Oh well.

The only good thing that has happened this month is that I got a really REALLY nice Christmas bonus from my boss. I'm still kind of sad that I didn't get a Christmas tree this year or put any lights up. It just doesn't put me in the Christmas spirit unless I have a tree and lights. My friend Ashley, however, was nice enough to bring me over a tiny table tree and I ended up decorating that one and putting it in our bedroom.

Wow, sorry this was so long....I just needed to rant a little. Hope you all are having a great Holiday!! Christmas is in 5 days! My birthday in 9! Woot. I'll try to do a post later on in the week, before Christmas, to show you all what my friend Ashley got me for Christmas :3



  1. :-( oh no I really hope things work out and smooth over. Birthday and christmas celebrations are on their way x

  2. I have the worst luck when it comes to tickets. Same situation happened to me a couple of months ago. EVERYONE decided to run the yellow light BUT only I got pulled over for it. You should go to court and fight it bc it's unfair he picked you.

    Anyways, happy holidays and hope everything gets better =)

  3. @Nicole - Thanks..I hope it all gets a little better.

    @adthenshesmiled - Yeah, I'm going to try to fight it, hopefully I'll win..Houston just needs money right now so the cops are pulling whoever they want over. My friend got pulled over twice in one week for not having the inspection/registration stickers on the windshield but the cop didn't realize it's a Cali car and they have them on the license plate *rolls eyes*. Thanks