Saturday, August 20, 2011

Apothica Products = Giveaway Prize [Picture Heavy]

Hi Ladies!! I hope you all are doing great today! So recently I won a giveaway for a $25 giftcard for The lovely Christine over at Makeup, Beauty & Fashion did this giveaway and I was super lucky to have won it. Now, it did take me FOREVER to figure out what products I wanted to try out. I'm absolutely excited for the items I received because they are just what I wanted. 

[Love my kitty girls picture in the background? hehe]. Here are the products I received. The one on the far right is a sample I received. I actually received two samples but the other one had a hole in the tube so there was nothing inside. Oh well.

From left to right: theBalm: Read my Lips in Gossip, Essie's Knockout Pout and Some type of masque.

Both the lip stick/blam and the nail polish are a beautiful shade of pink. I'm really in a "pink" stage right now. Almost anything I want or craving is pink! 

 The lipstick is the most gorgeous shade of pink ever! Plus it kinda has some sparkles in it. Score! =] Not only is it a beautiful shade of pink but it moisturizes your lips while adding a subtle pop of color.

 Next product I got was the Essie Knockout Pout. I have seen a lot of beauty guru's with this nail polish and I had admired the color for quite awhile, just never got around to purchasing it. Well, figured this was a good opportunity to give it a whirl. I love it! Even though I haven't gotten to use it yet. I will do a post shortly with it on my nails.

 Okay here is the only sample I was able to keep since the other one leaked out. This is supposed to be a masque but I really don't think there's enough in here to cover my face. Plus look at the green color! I would look like a swamp person lol. I might give it a whirl anyway cause it's a sample and I'm always down to try new products.

Here are some swatches of the lovely lipbalm/lipstick [still not sure what to call it specifically] and the lovely Essie knockout pout. Aren't they beautiful?

 Here's a swatch of [Gossip] on my hand. It's beautiful!! To get the above swatch color I rubbed the lipstick in the same area about 5 times to get it to be that dark. It's very subtle but very pretty.

I hope you all enjoyed the products I got from Apothica. If you'd like to check their website out click here.

XoXo Katie

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