Wednesday, August 17, 2011

The 4-1-1 On Shaving Your Arms

I got a request to do a post on shaving your arms so here it is! It's only taken me f-o-r-e-v-e-r to get this post figured out but now I'm ready. I don't know the girls name that requested me to do this post because it shows her as anonymous. But here ya go, I hope this helps any of you out who are curious about shaving your arms and how it looks when it grows back and such.

Let's begin.....

This is how my arms look after having not shaved them in about a month and a half. Pretty gross. The hair is going all over the place instead of just in a nice orderly flow. It doesn't come back any darker or coarser as many people try to believe. It just comes back like normal hair.

 Here's a shot of my arms from the bottom side so you can see how the hair looks after a month + of not shaving. Not too bad but you can see it sticks up instead of laying flat like how it use to. Oh well. lol.

Step 1 to having amazingly smooth arms...Apply a lot of soap. This also helps to allow the razor to glide over your arms easier. Fewer nicks and cuts! That's always a good thing. No one wants to see bloody arms. Ick! >.<

 Sorry for the "messy" razor picture..Just wanted to share with you all the razor I love to use. It's the Schick Hydro razor. I love it because it has 5 blades and it has the gel at the top that helps your arms from getting if you put the gel part of the head down it moves back so that you can get a closer shave with the razor. It's the best razor I have used. I haven't had many nicks or cuts with this baby ;)

Now in this picture, I shaved most of my arm to show how smooth it will be..Pretty much it's going to look like your legs...just on your arms :D I love smooth arms.

 Last picture of the day...You can see where I shaved part of my arm and where I haven't. I decided to show a quick picture of how it looks with half of your hair missing. haha. 

Now for a little story on why I shave my arms and how I got into it:

One day I was getting ready to shower [I'm sure you didn't need to know this part]. Well I was thinking about shaving my arms because some coworkers of mine were doing it. I ended up texting one of my guy friends and asking him what he thought and he told me to do it. So of course I decided to do it that day. My mom wasn't too thrilled even though I was 21 but I was totally thrilled cause my arms were baby bottom smooth and it was nice. Now the upkeep is kinda lame cause you get prickley after a few days unless you wax. I haven't tried waxing but I'm sure it's way better to wax. I just shave cause it's cheaper. LoL.

I hope this helps all of you out there that don't know whether to shave your arms or not. Now, I didn't have too hair of arms but I was always worried about what guys thought of me and I'm the type of person that doesn't like hair at all [besides on my head of course] so it had to go. If you've got hairy arms and wanna give this a try, go for it! It grows back :P

Thanks for reading!


  1. Ooooh I'd love to try it too but I'm way too lazy for the upkeep!

  2. half of my hand-hair is bright and the other one is dark, i usually only shave the dark part, lol

  3. @Gaby: Yeah I'm pretty lazy when it comes to the upkeep..but I try to remember to shave it every time I get in the shower. Just think of it as remembering to shave your legs.

    @Susanne: I wish I had brighter hair. My mom has blonde hair on her arms so you can't really see the hair but mine is like my dads, dark. >.<

  4. The shaved arm at last,! looks much better shaved I agree, I`m going to try it. Try to post a couple of re-growth pictures, I`m lazy with upkeep too, I want to see what I'm in for.

  5. I'll try to remember to take some re-growth pictures but really it's exactly the same as your's like sand paper when it starts coming back and then just gets longer. lol

  6. Any news on the re-growth picture?