Wednesday, May 4, 2011

CVS Extracare Card: Need Help

Ok so I swear I'm an idiot or something because I still don't understand the "Extra bucks" crap from CVS. I keep seeing people post up how they went there and bought this and this and used their coupons and then Extra Bucks took off like $2.77 and they ended up getting their stuff for free. Well does that $2.77 come off when you are checking out or is it something you get later? I think that's what I'm confused on because I was all set and walked into CVS to get some stuff and I used my coupons and it still ended up being $11.00! I was like whoa, never mind. Pretty much canceled my order and left. Hopefully I'm not the only one on here that's confused.


  1. For CVS's weekly sale items, you only get the discount if and only if you scan your card so the price is taken off while you shop. For those extrabucks reward (like buy $10 worth of Maybelline get $3 back), after you make the purchase, a 3-dollar voucher will be printed out on your receipt, you can use that for future purchases. To get those pre-sale CVS coupons, you just go to the little price-checker before you shopping (I think the type of coupon you get depends on their promotion and/or your shopping pattern).

  2. Ok, that makes more sense. I was wondering why for some people their total was like $1.27 and mine was $11.00.