Wednesday, November 16, 2011

My Trip To San Antonio!! :3

Hello Ladies, those that are still around! lol. I went to San Antonio, TX over the weekend with some of my friends, no boyfriend, and it was amazing! I had such a blast! We went to a car meet first called Cupcake Meet and my friends cousin entered the cupcake contest and got 2nd place even though we all thought she should have won. Oh well. The next day we went to the Japanese Tea Gardens and it was so pretty. There were a bunch of Koi fish and I love Koi! From there we went to the Riverwalk which is basically a river and there are all sorts of shops and restaurants along it. I didn't realize how big it was until we went on a boat tour. After the Riverwalk excursion, we went back to my friends cousin's house and smoked hookah and then played Just Dance 2-3 on the wii! It was the most fun I've had in weeks!! Here are some pictures :3

My friend Ashley & I at the Riverwalk <3

My Friend Juan <3
Nick, Kenneth and Shaune eating their snowcones!! <3

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