Monday, June 13, 2011

Blogger Adventure: Dallas

Dallas, TX -- My Honey and I went on a mini road trip to Dallas, TX. We left Saturday evening and got up to Dallas around 11:30pm. It's about a 4.5 hour drive for us.

The whole reason for going was so I could get a new door and hood for my car. I'll post pictures of what happened at the bottom of the blog post.

<-- Check out this awesome Statue of Sam Houston. We spotted this on the way to Dallas. I had just enough light left to snap a quick picture as we drove by. I had to be fast though because I had my telephoto lens on and well, the statue was pretty close. I ended up changing to the 18-55mm lens and snapped a shot. I was actually able to get 3 pictures of the statue but this one was the best.

More pictures below!!!!!

I tried to catch a quick shot of the beautiful sunset but as you can tell, I didn't get a great shot. LoL. 

Here's view of our lovely little hotel room in Dallas. It was so awesome because we were on the top floor so we had the vaulted ceilings and it was very roomy.

The only thing I didn't really care for was the mustard yellow bedding. Ick! Mustard yellow?! They should have went with a nice gray or black print.

How cute is this?! This was positioned above our toilet in the restroom. The boyfriend wanted to take it home just like that. I talked him out of it because I figured they would probably charge us if we took it. Plus it's just a crappy towel anyway. Now, if it was a super soft towel, then yes. 

I couldn't resist snapping a picture of my honey all curled up in bed Sunday morning. He was so cute.

 While he was sleeping, I decided to do my hair and makeup. I used my cute little Urban Decay palette that I got from Lisa over at Makeup by Lisa. I love the palette and used the brownish/gold colors.

Then, since I had pink on, I finished the look off with my NYX narcissus lipstick.

I didn't bring an under color lipstick with me so the NYX one didn't stay on all that long.

I decided not to wear foundation that day because I knew it was going to be in the 100s. Plus, by looking at the picture above, you can tell just how sleepy I was.

 Fountains and pretty purple flowers in front of the Dallas Galeria.

 Part of the Galeria.

The Dallas Cowboys Official Pro-Shop. I <3'd it even though they weren't open when we were walking around. Not like the boyfriend would let me go in there since he's a dedicated Texans fan. =]

The Dallas Galeria is a lot nicer/newer than our Houston one, but it's a lot smaller than ours and was missing Zumiez and The Van's store. Along with some other stores.

The ice rink isn't as big as ours either. But overall, I loved the Dallas Galeria!

Top level, walking around checking out the stores. We got to the Galeria about an hour before they opened. Of course, when we were leaving.... all of the store opened lol.

 The Love looking at a map of the galeria seeing what stores they do and do not have. He's so cute! <3

Downtown pretty. It's definitely not Houston and I actually think Houston has some nicer looking buildings but Dallas isn't too bad.

And finally...Pictures of what happened to my car and what made us drive up to Dallas in the first place.

Someone thought they'd be nice and run into my car while it was parked at my complex!

Obviously some people don't know how to drive, nor have the common courtesy of leaving a note with insurance information.

Grrrr!!! People these days.

Oh well. We got a new door and all I have to do is order my fenders and I'll get her painted =]

She'll be as good as new when I'm done with her.


  1. glad to see you are getting use of the palette, looks like you had a good time!