Sunday, April 3, 2011

My Prize is Here! - Super Excited!

I'm really excited because my prize from winning Makeup With Lisa's Giveaway finally came in and I couldn't be happier!
 I'm seriously like super excited to have some new stuff to play around with. For me, being on a HUGE budget, when it comes to buying any makeup means that I can't buy anything pretty much ever! It sucks but it's life

So ... I just want to thank Lisa again for throwing the giveaway and for sending me the prize. Thanks!! I appreciate it!
Now ... on to the goodies


Top Left To Right: YDK, Flipside, Grifter, VZI & Twice Baked...Bottom Left to Right: Midnight Cowboy Rides Again, Flash, Oil Slick, Kiddie Pool & Half Baked
The Colors are absolutely Beautiful!!!
Cute little travel size bottle that came with the Urban Decay Palette :]
Just a size comparison :]
Retrograde eye shadow

Midnight Cowboy & Wallflower
I'm definitely in love with the midnight cowboy :]

 I am so excited to have these products to play around with and do reviews on. Luckiest thing is that I actually picked a concealer color over the internet that actually matches my skin tone pretty well. I tried a little bit on today and it blended nicely. Thank goodness :]

I love the Urban Decay palette ... The Colors are bright and vibrant and I love all of the colors! I'm going to do a FOTD sometime this week using some of the colors from the palette!

Hope Everyone is having a great weekend ... or had a great weekend!

<3 Katieeee


  1. Awesome, congrats on winning =) These prizes are great, you're gonna have so much fun with them!

  2. Thanks! I know! I can't wait to start using them. I might try to do a look tomorrow but knowing me, I'll probably just wait till Friday when I'm off and have time to doll up. lol

  3. Yay for you! Good stuff! Love the one by one mascara... except, mine smells like roses so let me know if yours does too! I'm wondering if it was just mine or if this is the usual because no one ever mentions it in reviews!

  4. That's so weird..Roses? Hmm..I smelled mine (weird) and it just smells like mascara. So I don't know. lol

  5. congrats :)) these are such cool prizes! I've always loved the look of midnight cowboy was gonna get the 24/7 liner in that same colour but haven't yet!

  6. Nice! I want to try some of their eye liners. Just haven't gotten around to purchasing any yet.

  7. I so glad you like everything thanks again for following my blog!

  8. congratulation :) all of these look amazing :) thank you very much for the review^^
    drey jewelry.