Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Beautiful Minds Inquire

So as many of you already know ... I'm pretty much still a beginner when it comes to makeup. I'm started to get quite good at mixing colors and blending. I'm going to be facing a problem soon and I'd like to have the solution before I get to the problem. (If any of this actually makes sense to you). 

My question to all of you lovely makeup gurus ... When applying liquid foundation is it better to use a foundation brush or a stippling brush? I've seen people use both and I'm wondering which one is better. Since I won Lisa's Giveaway (linked here) one of the prices was foundation. I'm super excited to be able to play around with foundation since I've never really worn any in the past. (bore). So that's my main question. Which brush is better to use? 

My second question ... When using liquid foundation do you NEED to have a face powder to put over it or can you just use the foundation? I've heard people saying that they use the liquid foundation and then use a powder to set the makeup. I'd love to not be confused at this point! ( LoL)

I can't wait to hear what you ladies have to say. I'm very curious! Thanks!!


  1. Yay congrats on winning the giveaway =)

    Honestly, I am NOT the person to be answering your questions since I very rarely wear foundation, but another option besides a stippling or plain old foundation brush is to just use your fingers! There are a lot of people who are adamant about brushes always being preferable, but there are also a lot of girls out there who just use their fingers to apply foundation. I recently purchased my first foundation in YEARS and have been perfectly content to just apply it with clean hands so far.

    As far as using a powder to set your foundation, that too is really a matter of personal preference, your skin type and what kind of finish you are looking for. If you have oily skin and want your foundation to stay matte and last all day, a setting powder might be a good idea. However if you have drier skin or prefer a dewy look, you could skip it. I'd experiment both ways and see which one works best for you =)

  2. Thanks Anna! I never win anything so when I noticed her post I had to glance at it a few times before I jumped out of my chair screaming! haha. I'm a dork.

    Yeah I'm not sure what I want to do. I have an E.L.F Foundation brush at home but I don't really like it so I use it for my nose pore strips. I think I might get a stippling brush and I've been checking out the powders and stuff I just don't know what to get lol.

    I guess the first thing I need to do is see how well the foundation matches my skin tone when I get it. I think I picked good enough so we'll see. lol.

    I also know that my skin is kinda oily but around my eye brows and nose it's dry because I always feel like I need to get a good moisterizer. So I don't know.

    Thanks for all of your advice Anna!

  3. I had a stippling brush that I had to throw out because it got gross but that's another story and I loved it, I also had a flat one and I really liked that too, and now I have this other one that I like, finding the perfect brush is a challenge

    I have to say that a brush isn't necessary, and when I first started out I used my hands and I actually still use my hands, it depends on the foundation itself. But I think that if you really want a foundation brush a stippling brush is what I would recommend you trying out.

    When beginning I think that using a stippling brush is easier than using an actual foundation brush but thats just me, you might be different.

    As for using a powder I don't think its necessary, if you have oily skin and the foundation isn't a fuller coverage one or one made for oily skin then you might need a powder.

    Sorry if some of that made no sense and congrats on winning! :D


  4. No, that made a lot of sense! Thanks for your input Michelle! Thanks :)

    I think if anything I'll just go to Ulta or Sephora and pick up a sorta cheap stippling brush and test it out.